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Home State Home is our felt pillow maker. The felt is applied by machine and cut by hand. No two pillows are exactly alike, but the designer takes her time making sure the colors, quality, and spacing are the same. Although a pattern is used, there's always a little difference - that's the beauty of handmade!

The  pillows are constructed of hand cut ECO-FI FELT. Eco-fi felt is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are recycled by you, melted down and made into this super-soft felt perfect for pillows.

SIZE 18" x 18"

INSERT synthetic down insert by Pillowflex, GEORGIA

Please still spot clean since it is a handmade item. If you should spill, you can replace the insert if needed. A matching zipper on the lower back end of each pillow for easy pillow insert removal.

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Home State Home creates America-themed decorative pillows out of Eco-fi felt, which is made of recycled plastic bottles. Here is the artist's description of her work:

My name is Tracy and I love felt. I didn't know how much you could do with felt and a sewing machine until I started literally drawing with the machine and making patterns with my graphic design background. Whatever you want to say, say it with felt.

Five holiday seasons ago, I wanted to make something homemade for my best friend. I whipped up a Union Jack pillow, and my love of sewing and felt and flags and home and states was reborn.

This shop is simply a mix of me. I am by trade a product (and packaging) designer out of Rhode Island. After working as a giftware and jewelry designer in Rhode Island and New York, I wanted something to call my own. Luckily, I'd learned so much from those day jobs that this night job (sounds more scandalous than I intend) made sense. I took sewing lessons as a kid, which (much to my mom's dismay) I never used. I also rarely used my Art Studio degree, so voila! I draw with a sewing machine, create digital patterns using Adobe, and hand stitch when needed. I love this place.