CALIFORNIA - Pillow available in 2 colors

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Linen Accent Pillow_Grey copy.jpg
Linen Accent Pillow_Deep O copy.jpg
Linen Accent Pillow_Grey copy.jpg

CALIFORNIA - Pillow available in 2 colors



A lovely accent pillow. Organically shaped so not a rigid rectangle. The raised texture is freeform and will vary slightly on each pillow. It has a sculpted look but is in fact very soft and maintains all the great character one would expect with linen. The texture is freeform, no patterns are used. Placement of texture will vary slightly on each cushion, allowing every cover to have its own individual character but still work beautifully with others in a set.

Wide band envelope back closure. HAND DYED available in Deep Orange or Grey

SIZE  10" x 15" insert included



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Yorktown Road makes home decor products and accessories using linen and wool, with freeform textures and hand dyed colors. Here is the story of the owner, Carol Gilbert:

It started with a bag, then along came a pillow...

No matter what product I make, it all began when I was 9 years old and needed to make a hand-made present for a gift exchange:

The bag I made was very simply formed using a square loom. I can still picture my fingers pulling the cotton string over and under to create the texture of the fabric. The imperfection of the edges gave the bag so much character. The spirit with which I approached my first piece is still embedded in my work today as I create functional designs using simple forms and subtle textures.

I choose materials drawn from the natural world and alter them with random folds, pleats and seam-lines, taking inspiration from the shapes I see around me. Linen and wool are textiles I often use due to their beauty and versatility. In everything I do, the texture and form of the original material is allowed to shape the essence of the work. When I alter the component materials, the goal is to enhance a particular aspect of the textile and allow it to be seen in a new way.

I love the process of making. It is tedious and exhausting at times but always rewarding.
I am so fortunate to do what I love.

Carol Gilbert . yorktown road