WASHINGTON - Apron 3 colors available


WASHINGTON - Apron 3 colors available



With the day behind you it's time to slip on your Classic Chef apron, pour a glass of something good and whip up a family favorite. Made from heavyweight cotton, combined with classic top-stitch construction and a fully-hemmed or finished edge, this generously-sized 35" x 38" apron with extra-long 32" heavy cotton webbing ties will wrap around women and men in style. Webbing loop tie keeps apron securely around your neck without slipping. Twill loop keeps a Classic Dishtowel handy. In signature Navy Blue, Red or White stitching. 

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Rugged Products That Work as Hard as You Do
Each Raw Materials Design product is an everyday workhorse, made in the USA to last for years without special attention, care or coddling. Founder Janna Lufkin draws her inspiration from the spare beauty and rustic charm of her family’s ranching roots. Living miles from even the nearest paved road (let alone a supermarket or hardware store), her rugged southern Idaho ancestors had to be both capable and self-reliant. Today Raw Materials Design draws on that independent spirit by offering honest, down-to-earth products.

Functional, No-nonsense Designs
Inspired by the unforgiving American West, you won’t find any fancy ruffles or bows on these hard-working goods. Each is designed to perform its intended purpose honestly and without pretense.

Built Tough as Nails
Each of our products is made to last a lifetime without complaint or coddling. Heavy duty canvas, twill and other fabrics are sewn with French seams, hemmed edges, and double-needle topstitching.

Made from 100% Cotton
Soft and gentle to the touch, breathable, absorbent, and environmentally-friendly, all our goods are made from 100% cotton fabric and trims. Even our label is printed on 100% cotton fabric.

Proudly Manufactured in America
Our Seattle-area cut-and-sew partners employ skilled workers who earn a living wage in safe, humane conditions without the ethical compromises and human costs of lower-priced goods made offshore.

The Ties That Bind is our charitable giving program. Tying on an apron says "It's time to make dinner!" Making a meal binds us together as a family. Helping to provide a meal to those in need binds us together as a community.

Every time you buy a product directly from Raw Materials Design, we'll donate a portion of our profits to organizations that help to ensure those who need a meal can have one. Your purchase of our products will directly benefit those who are less fortunate.