INDIANA - Rooibos Teas - 3 varieties

INDIANA - Rooibos Teas - 3 varieties



s.a.l.t. sisters brings you three yummy varieties of rooibos teas: beauty is "a beautiful blend of rooibos tea, sunflower, cornflower & rose petals", dragonfly is "green rooibos tea combined with strawberry, vanilla & sunflower petals", and zumie is "a luscious fusion of rooibos tea, elderberry, black currant, plum & vanilla." Whichever tea you choose, you will enjoy a cup of all natural, caffeine free tea. It is also msg-free and gluten-free.

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Charmane Skillen is a champion for shifting consumer lifestyles to a more wholly nutritious and beneficial one. At the same time, she has grown a successful niche business called s.a.l.t. sisters in rural America with an exceptionally determined entrepreneurial spirit.

Charmane's motivation to create, deliver and distribute an exceptional food product stems from a passion for Nature’s most essential elements and for her strong familial ties. The brand name (s.a.l.t sisters) is an acronym for her four daughters: Sydney, Alexis, Lauren and Taylor.

Armed with the knowledge of the incredible benefits of unprocessed and unrefined sea salt, she sourced and packaged a product under the s.a.l.t. sisters label and scheduled herself to appear at regional farmers markets each week to sell product in 2007. From those humble roots the product line grew in popularity and led to an expansion of its offerings in 2009. Thus, along with a strong portfolio of unrefined sea salt, the company staked a claim in organic cane sugars (c.a.n.e), seasoning rubs (r.u.b.s), vanilla infusion kits (b.e.a.n), and natural herb blends (h.e.r.b) and most recently, all-natural dip blends (d.i.p.s).  The wide-ranging palate of the brand commanded the attention of a wholesale market and many discerning chefs. The products even received a nod from Giada De Laurentiis in a 2009 segment of holiday gift ideas for NBC’s TODAY show. In 2013, Clean Eating endorsed both the Mediterranean r.u.b.s. and the vanilla infusion kit as part of their Clean Choice Awards, and that same year, Fox 5 News ran a feature about the products.

What started as a personal endeavor to educate the populace on the many benefits of unrefined salt has blossomed into a business venture based in Goshen, Indiana, comprised of fifteen employees and a healthy distribution of product in 44 states and Canada.