MASSACHUSETTS - Box of 2 Pink Flamingos

MASSACHUSETTS - Box of 2 Pink Flamingos



Check out these pink flamingos! NOT made in China, but in Massachusetts! Some of us love to put these in our yards to make us dream of tropical, lazy days...These two are cuties, and we are so excited to offer them to you!

SIZE  stands about two feet tall




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Union Products, acquired by Cado Company in the late 2000s, is a trusted manufacturer of quality lawn and garden decorative items, such as urns, animal planters, bird baths, strawberry pots and watering cans. But it’s the Pink Flamingo — developed in 1957 by the company’s president at the time, Don Featherstone, that truly put the company on the map. The fact that a tropical bird that went on to grace thousands and thousands of yards was actually invented in sometimes-chilly New England merely added to the story’s charm.

Today, the Featherstone Pink Flamingo has modern-day companions, such as the Special Edition Caribbean Blue Flamingo, Special Edition Featherstone Snomingo, Zombie Flamingo, and the larger Realmingo. And though the company is famous for the beloved birds, it’s also a large producer of planters: swans, frogs, lambs, conch shells, cauldrons and kettles décor items: geese, penguins, Easter eggs, watering cans: 2 gallon, 1 gallon, elephants, frogs and pig watering cans, bird baths: Victorian, standard round and the new Daisy bird bath. Union Products items can be found in many hardware stores, gift shops and retailers in the USA and abroad.