MAN SOAP - available in 4 scents

Okay, so Duke Cannon soaps are soaps made for men who want to smell like a man, according to Duke's listings. As he calls these bars, "big ass bricks," they are "refreshing without being feminine," and "offer serious cleanliness and a bit of humor for the manifest of men." Each individual bar is a whopping 10 ounces, and we love the four scents offered here: Productivity = Minty, Accomplishment = bergamot and black pepper, Victory = fresh grass, Naval Supremacy = ocean breeze. In addition to smelling great on your guy, we love that they donate a portion of proceeds to veterans' causes.

SIZE  10 ounces

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In their own words, here's a bit about Duke Cannon.

Duke Cannon isn’t for everyone. And quite frankly, he prefers it that way. After all, Duke Cannon doesn’t dine with vegans and he could give a damn about your new Ipad. Duke Cannon comes from a different era--an era when men had a greater purpose than building spreadsheets and spending their Saturdays at Banana Republic. In Duke’s time, men pursued meaningful endeavors. They worked with their hands. They took pride in the things they built, not the things they bought. And the mindset was simple: men wanted to win, not find the "win-win". And then the whole metrosexual trend came and screwed men up even worse. Now exists a generation of men who have spent more time in a Pottery Barn store than a hardware store. Hell no. Needless to say, the Duke Cannon Supply Company is not a big fan of this trend. It’s time for man to devolve, not evolve.