FLORIDA - Sponge

FLORIDA - Sponge



Premium sea sponges, also known as Rock Island wool sponges, are the most prized of all sponges. These soft sponges are harvested in deep water off the cost of Central and North Florida's Gulf Coast. These sponges are denser and will outlast the prime sea wool sponges. With daily use and proper care, it is not unusual for these sea sponges to last a year or more. Their super-soft texture combined with body wash or bath & shower gel is the perfect and natural way to clean your skin.

SIZE approximately 5"X5" 

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The Natural Bath & Body Shop in Tarpon Springs, Florida, sells sea sponges, loofahs, and other all-natural bath accessories and skin and body products. Here is what they want you to know about their products:

  1. Synthetic sponges are poisonous! Almost every synthetic sponge now sold in U.S. supermarkets is impregnated with a disinfectant, usually triclosan. Triclosan is a pesticide that is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Not only should we be concerned about washing our dishes and counter tops with triclosan, but common disinfectants may contribute to drug-resistant bacteria, just like antibiotics.
  2. Sea sponges inhibit bacteria, mold and mildew, because they are permeated with natural enzymes that inhibit the growth of microorganisms.
  3. Durability: A properly cared for sea sponge will last for many months.  Most synthetic sponges fall apart, shrink and become infested with bacteria and mildew in less than one week.
  4. Water retention: Sea sponges hold more water than artificial ones. For washing your car, boat, windows, or even your horse, think of the amount of time you will save by not having to dip your sponge in the water bucket over and over again. A natural sponge will hold two to three times as much water as an artificial one.
  5. They look GREAT! After using your sea sponge, don't hide it under the sink; proudly display it.
  6. Natural sponges fit into a green and organic lifestyle. Sea sponges are sustainably harvested. When sponges are collected, parts of the sponge left on the ocean floor grow back. Through crop rotation, sponges are harvested over and over again as they regrow to their original size within a few years.
  7. By buying sponges harvested locally, you are keeping United States citizens employed.
  8. Most artificial sponges are made from petroleum. By using natural sponges, you are saving oil and keeping the price of oil down.
  9. They simply work better. Try cleaning a bathtub with an natural sponge (yellow or grass work best) vs. using an artificial sponge. The natural sponge will clean a dirty tub and surrounding tile twice as fast and remove soap scum and lye buildup twice as well as an artificial sponge.
  10. Be different! 99.8% of households have never used or even seen a real sponge. Help get this country back on track and get a safe, chemical-free, natural sea sponge into your lifestyle. Your neighbors will be jealous when they see it.