MICHIGAN - Clock available in 3 colors

MICHIGAN - Clock available in 3 colors



Assembled one at a time at TAIT’s studio in Detroit.

The TAIT Wall Clock is crafted out of solid maple, steel and aluminum and made with 100% USA-sourced materials. We place a premium on the materials we use – the maple is sustainably sourced in Maine, and the internal quartz movement is made in California. With a 14” diameter, it’s easy to read from across the room. Did we mention the ticking is silent? Give your room an upgrade for life.

The Body

Just like in nature, the wood on each clock varies from piece to piece. Two layers of mineral oil are applied by hand to each body, increasing the longevity of the wood’s pristine condition.

The Movement

Quartz mechanisms use an electronic oscillator regulated by quartz crystal to keep time. The oscillator creates a signal with very precise frequency, making quartz movements far more accurate than cheaper, mechanical options.

The Dial

The metal is screen printed by hand twice – first with a layer of white, second with the Wall Clock’s color. Each dial plate features a minimalist and modern design to clearly mark the hours and minutes.

The Back

Most clocks lack a back cover, leaving the movement and battery exposed. Ours features a back panel that is made from 100% American-made steel and attaches via magnets to protect the movement within. Just like the front dial, the back panel features a hand-pulled two-color screen print.

The Hands

The hands are custom stamped for us from 100% American-made aluminum, and painted white to match. They are lightweight which aids in their timekeeping abilities and and hand applied to each Wall Clock one at a time.

The Packaging

We designed a recycled kraft box with an insert that perfectly fits the Wall Clock, keeping it safe during shipping, and wherever life might take you. Even better, it’s made in our home state of Michigan.

SIZE 14” diameter

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TAIT Design Co. is an independent product design studio owned and operated by Matthew Tait and Audrey Elkus. Founded in 2013 in Detroit, we make toys that help people of all ages develop mentally and socially, and homewares that are thoughtful and timeless. We put a premium above all else on the way our products are made, as all of them are designed and assembled in Detroit with 100% materials sourced in the USA. When we go to trade shows in New York, we’re often one of the only companies working this way, but to us it’s important to give those jobs to our community, so our growth positively impacts those around us.

Our mission is to create beautiful products that bring people together through a sense of play, impact the local economy through regional manufacturing, and empower the next generation of designers by showcasing Detroit design around the world.