OREGON - Whisk

OREGON - Whisk



Large and round, these whisks are designed mainly for beating air into light ingredients like egg whites and cream with minimal effort. The magic is in the ten-wire shape; a wider circumference to whip up the airiest meringues and cremes, or to finish any blending more quickly than a cumbersome mixer. The stainless steel handle offers a solid grip for the serious chef looking for a top-quality whisk. The loop secures the wires near the working surface to better reach shallow ingredients.

SIZE  10" long, 1" diameter handle

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Best Manufacturers Inc., a family business, has designed and fabricated the highest quality, most sanitary professional whisks and mashers in Portland, Oregon since 1959. With roots in the restaurant supply industry, Best supplies the same durable cooking tools required by the rigors of the professional kitchen to the home cook.  Best Whips are also manufactured to the sanitary specifications of the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), the recognized authority in professional kitchen tools and kitchen equipment. As a third generation specialty manufacturer/distributor, Best is proud to offer a large selection of Made in America products. Distributed products are selected with the same professional standard, consistent with their reputation as a manufacturer of fine kitchen tools. Their mission is to hold the way they do business to the same standards by which they make the tools.