This retro cheese tray is made of fused glass by CainFusions. They are beautiful; each is unique, with color variations. It includes a stainless steel cheese spreader, each one with a different design, and a recipe. Your present is ready to be given as a shower gift, a housewarming gift, or a thoughtful hostess gift. 

SIZE  6" x 8"


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CainFusions creates decorative art works and creative serving ware out of colorful fused glass.

In January 2005, Anita sent John to a beginning stained glass class through the local community college; it was the start of a hobby that has grown into a true passion.  John did several projects utilizing preset designs, and within a year was designing his own pieces.  In 2007, both John and Anita took a class in fused glass and another new direction was discovered for their creative ideas.  They purchased their own kiln, established a home-based business under the name of Barblaw’s Bangles, and soon were showing fused glass jewelry at local craft fairs.  The next year they expanded into fused glass trays, bowls, coaster sets, spoon rests and more; the name CainFusions was adopted and they have since converted all business entities to the name CainFusions.  Jim Rice has joined them in their creative endeavors and they consider him their “Artist in Residence.”

2015 is their eighth year on the local craft scene; they have more than doubled their sales each year, and will participate in several events in the greater Kansas City area this summer and fall.  John continues to create original stained / fused pieces in addition to the wide array of fused glass products that both he and Anita produce. Their focus this year is to add original fused glass wind chimes to the product line.