NEW YORK - Strainer 3 sizes available

NEW YORK - Strainer 3 sizes available

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These strainers are aluminum mesh with a non-stick coating. They're absolutely essential for straining pasta or hard-boiled eggs, or rinsing berries or salad greens. They work equally well for skimming soup stock, or making cowboy coffee or a large batch of iced tea. All strainers are made with durable mesh and comfortable handles. Such useful and necessary tools in the kitchen.

Sizes 3",5”,6”



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Our factory was started by a Russian immigrant over 100 years ago and was originally located on Bleecker Street in New York City. American Housewares Mfg. Corp. manufactures our strainers, colanders, fryers and splatter screens right here in America. We are proud of that fact. We manufacture strainers of aluminum and stainless steel mesh in different gauges from fine to coarse. Our strainers, fry baskets and screens are used by restaurants and homemakers alike. If you need to clean small parts, try using our strainers to protect the small parts while washing. Our products have even been used for panning gold!