VERMONT - Rolling Pin

VERMONT - Rolling Pin



This French Rolling Pin features tapered ends that allow for easy circular rotation—you’ll finally be able to roll out the perfect pie crust. The tapered ends are slenderly pointed, not bluntly cut off like many out there. There’s an understated elegance to the French Rolling Pin's long and balanced line. It is beautifully functional.

SIZE  Each piece is appx 20" long

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Vermont Rolling Pins’ wood turner is a long time Vermonter. His family records date back to the late 1600’s; they were beckoned early on to this gorgeous state. When Vermont Rolling Pins’ wood turner turns a piece, he uses his heart, his mind, and his hands. Each piece gets his heart, even before he starts the lathe. He admires the solid wood’s unique grains and colors. When the lathe turns, his mind remains focused; it stays intent on its subject. His hands work the wood to get the desired shape, and then he sands the piece to a smooth finish. Each piece is oiled, enhancing each wood’s grain and color even more. As you can tell, our wood turner is passionate about his creations. We, at Vermont Rolling Pins, know you’ll love the workmanship which goes into your handmade solid wood rolling pin.