OKLAHOMA - Pepper Jelly

OKLAHOMA - Pepper Jelly



Pepper Creek Farms' spiciest pepper jelly, this one's definitely not for the faint of heart. It's a fiery blend of fresh green bell peppers and fresh jalapeno and serrano chiles, simmered with cider vinegar. Serving suggestions: A tasty accompaniment for grilled steaks, chops or chicken. Serve on crackers or croutons with cream cheese or goat cheese for an instant hors d'oeuvre. Experiment and enjoy this hot stuff.

Ingredients: Pure Cane Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Fresh Green Chiles, Fresh Green Bell Peppers, Water, Pectin, Citric Acid.

This product is packaged on equipment that makes products containing wheat, eggs, milk, soy and tree nuts.

SIZE  11.5 ounces

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Welcome to the culinary capital of Lawton, Oklahoma, home of Pepper Creek Farms. Located at the base of the Wichita Mountains, this is a place where buffalo still roam wild on the hills and pepper fields stretch as far as the eye can see.

We live in the heartland of America, and make everything with love. We are a family-run business and pride ourselves on doing things our way. That means we use the freshest locally grown ingredients, most of them picked by hand. We are obsessed with quality, so we cook in small batches to preserve the integrity and fresh flavors of the natural ingredients. Nothing else would do justice to our cherished family recipes. You can taste the essence of the Southwest in all of our classic condiments, pepper jellies, relishes, pickles, salsas, dips and seasonings.

If you are ever passing through our part of the country, give us a call. We love visitors, and would be glad to show you around.