OREGON - Hand Rake

OREGON - Hand Rake



A solid, hand forged tool that will stand the test of time; this hand rake is made especially for us by Red Pig Garden Tools. (Check out About The Company to learn about this unique Blacksmith.) We love using tools made in the USA! And being pig admirers, we love the name!

This seven-tine rake has its head welded to a foot long shank that is set four inches deep into its hickory handle and riveted in place. Use it to fine the soil of a newly cultivated bed, to loosen compacted soil, to work amendments into the soil around plants and to firm up beds after seeding. This rake measures out at about 16 inches in length and the head is about 6 1/2 inches wide. The name Red Pig Garden Tools is a registered trademark of R.Z. and R.K. Denman, Boring, Oregon, 97009.

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We are the only blacksmith in the United States specializing in hand forged garden tools for home gardeners, nurserymen, landscapers, and farmers.

We've been producing hand-forged implements for over 15 years. Bob is a tool designer, inventor, and frequent writer on various gardening topics and Rita is your contact in the store and online. We are new to the internet, but have years of experience operating the retail store. We started off in California in the late 1980's, and relocated to Oregon in 2004.

We operate out of a two story barn that Bob built out of the lumber from two 100-year old Oregon barns. The store is fantastic — in the summer it's cool and bright, and in the winter you can warm your feet at the pot belly stove.

We offer more than 1000 items at the store, and have at least 20 different patterns of hoes; steel rakes ranging from 6 tines to 24 tines; one to five-tine cultivators; ball weeders; hand plows; rock picking forks, root hooks; cradle forks for overhead pitching; mangel cutters; weed spuds; wood tine rakes; hot bed weeders and hundreds of other unique or rare implements.

We also offer sharpening of non-power pruning and other edged tools, re-handling, restoration, repair and custom tool making.