This beautiful 1000-piece puzzle is sure to challenge. Hot air balloons fill a crystal blue sky, and make us dream of summer and adventure. Great for a lazy summer day by the pool, the beach, the lake, or the air conditioner.

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In 1963, Springbok Editions was founded by Robert and Katie Lewin. Their jigsaw puzzles revolutionized the industry in the United States. Inspired by Waddington circular puzzles, that Robert bought in London as gifts for their children, the Lewins with some assistance from Waddington, founded Springbok Editions and began producing die-cut puzzles in the United States. Mrs. Lewin drew the designs for cutting dies herself, making each puzzle unique in pattern.

Springbok Editions' circular and octagonal puzzles became vastly popular and earned the reputation of catering to die-hard puzzlers. From inception, Springbok ® puzzles have been known for high quality pieces that interlock and state-of-the-art lithography. The Lewins searched museums worldwide and produced puzzles that reflected their passion for nature in addition to commissioning well known artists of the time to paint special designs, making the puzzles true collector's items. In 1963, Springbok Editions puzzles retailed for $3.50 when the industry average retail price for a jigsaw puzzle was less than $1.00.

The success of Springbok Editions led to an offer and eventual acquisition by Hallmark Cards, Inc., headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1967. From 1967 to 2001, Hallmark manufactured Springbok puzzles and sold them exclusively in Hallmark stores in the United States and Canada.

In 2002, Hallmark Cards made the decision to discontinue the manufacture of their 34 year old line, Springbok Puzzles. The successful puzzle line's devoted following embarked upon a letter writing campaign urging Hallmark to continue production and the integrity of the product line. Hallmark decided to enter into a long-term relationship with Allied Products Inc. When Allied Products acquired the rights to the Springbok product line, Allied had no prior die cutting or laminating experience. Allied Products acquired the specific machinery and technical expertise necessary to maintain the high quality standards the devoted Springbok puzzlers demanded.

Since Allied and Hallmark's agreement in 2002, Allied has obtained licensing agreements with the following artists and brands for designs and graphics to expand the Springbok line; Coca Cola, Mary Engelbreit, Thomas Mangelson, B&O Museum, Jim Shore and Lynn Bywaters.